Let me quickly say: From the beginning till the end…

We do well-define the dimensions of the process while we explain the treatment methods, the expected effects of the medications to be taken, the dose and the frequency of the medication, the frequency of the follow up visits and the steps of the embryo transfer to the patient or couple applied. The decisions for treatment of any specific couple needs to be personalized as the individual differences in detail need to be considered diligently. Moreover, the principles of the evidence-based medicine have to be taken into account. It may require even more attention, time and meticulous care for the couples who experienced unsuccesful tube baby attemp/s. Throughout this journey, feeling exhausted, anxious and sometimes careless is completely natural. The couples only need to keep in mind that taking precise decisions of treatment path for this complex process take time and big effort.

I think, especially to aviod any communication barriers, we need to share mutually all feelings, our point of views, expectations and the ways to overcome all difficulties mutually is of critical importance. The couple’s positive and constructive perspective makes the perception of the future treatment steps and actions accurate and practical. The sensible, fairmood of the couple, thus, is important for true physiology of hormone secretions, and correct understanding of the detailes of the treatment ans steps to be followed.

Medical factors such as low numbers, insufficient quality of oocytes, or issues of obtaining oocytes, additionally no or low numbers of sperm cells have nothing to do with your psychology. Well, it does not make sense to think only the mood would generate or break the sperms down. However, the infertility can rise from the above mentioned situations, and plus a number of other reasons including but not limited to the genetical, previous surgeries or systemical diseases, infections, previous chemo or radiotherapies. While we are treating the underlying causes, if identified, we make great effort to protect your psychological integrity. It is very important supporting power to go ahead as we are treating your cells obtained in most appropriate way.

The couple need to always keep in mind that they are a fundamental part of the tube baby team, and they support they are providing is enpowering the outcome of this team work.

Goodness is contagious, and pulls all inside the constructive, smiling and hopeful attitute inevitably brings better chance in this advanture. We, as team, also a part of this diligently proceeding process never giving up.

With my sincere wishes for all your dreams come true…

Egemen Koyuncu, MD

Gynecology and Obstetric Surgeon