Which Treatment is Right for You in IVF Treatment?

If the in vitro fertilization decision has been made after you and your partner have completed the examinations and discussed with your doctor, the treatment method to be applied is decided.

It is not possible to apply the same protocol in every patient, nor is it appropriate. The essence of IVF treatments depends on the concept of “personalized treatment” and this concept is the architect of the treatment success.

Reviewing the treatment and drug applications in in vitro fertilization trials without pregnancy and applying different protocols can also provide us with better results. Unfortunately, implementing the correct protocols cannot always achieve the desired result. Understanding your medical history can then give us an opportunity for a better treatment protocol.

Pre-suppression of the ovaries may work better in cases of endometriosis, while limiting the number of eggs obtained in the lack of ovarian reserve, or may require more doses of medication. In cases where excessive eggs may occur, such as polycystic ovaries, it will be more appropriate to choose protocols to be taken for hyperstimulation syndrome. With this and many other variables, it will be possible to choose the treatment that suits you.