How Can the Wart Virus Cause Infection and Preliminary Cancer Lesions?

There are over 200 types of wart virus and about 40 are transmitted through the genital tract. Today, we will talk about the infection and post-infection processes that can cause genital warts and cancer preceding lesions, and ultimately cancer, which is our own field.

First of all, the wart virus is transmitted only and only by sexual intercourse. If a couple was together for the first time, and other partners never entered their lives during their association, this couple is unlikely to encounter the wart virus. Nowadays this is no longer possible. For this condition, both men and women should not have any sexual intercourse before marriage. Although providing absolute loyalty after marriage is a special and justified expectation for all of us, things unfortunately do not work in any society in the world. The fact that the divorce rates are based on 50% is a very different social reality, and the fact that the woman or man divorced to establish a new life for themselves is the most natural fact in the world.

Taking into account all these facts, the probability that a woman will encounter a wart virus transmitted through the genital tract throughout life is given in the statistics close to 90%. Let’s take a look at how these viruses behave after infection;

The virus never gets into the blood after transmission. The virus is first transmitted to the cellular area, which we call the squamous epithelium, and performs all its activity in these cells. The virus only infects the epidermis. In this context, it is not possible to detect a change in blood tests related to wart viruses.

The wart virus behaves in four ways at post-infection phase:

* If the wart infects, but the tissue integrity is solid and the body’s immune system is very good, the virus is completely eliminated without infection.

* In case we define it as a temporary infection – the tissue becomes infected, the virus enters the basal cell layer. However, in a strong immune system, the system quickly fights against the virus and completely eliminates the virus.

* Latent infection (defined as latent infection or invisible from time to time) lives quietly in the cell with the wart virus virion. It can be activated in any situation that disrupts immunity and life and the infection can start working negatively.

* In the case defined as chronic infection, the group we are dealing with for wart lesions or cellular changes in the pap smear test in the cervix is ​​used for diagnosis and treatment. When the cell nucleus is affected, risks related to cancer precursors, now called atypical lesions, have begun. In this group, some bodies can completely destroy the infection with high immunity level during follow-up. Some infections become latent. Sometimes it can be silent for years. Sometimes the virus has the opportunity to repeat and start producing infections and associated lesions.

There are many factors that will facilitate the negative picture of the wart virus, temporary infection, latent infection, chronic infection and cervical-vagina, vulva (external genital skin), labia and oral cancers and anal cancers. These are many substances such as immune status of the person, unprotected sexual intercourse and increased virus load, smoking, unbalanced and irregular nutrition, unmanageable and uncontrollable stress, an excessively sedentary life. All this will make the effect of the virus easier, as well as threatening health in any case.