The unforgettables movies of Yesicam, the Hollywood of Turkish Republic! We, as the generation cathed the years of innosence from some parts, have to have memories to remember and make the new generations remember of these movies such as ‘One and Only Night of My Life’ and unforgettable actors such as Ediz Hun!

I followed up the pregnancy of Bengu Hun Saygili in 2014. Bengu was residing in Ankara back in that time, but she came to Istanbul to the Prince’s Island to spend the pregnancy waiting for the baby. I was, being aware of all surprises about this journey,  so worried about her thinking that if the labour starts, how she would reach the hospital. On the contarary, Bengu was very relaxed, and confident that she would come to hospital immediately from Island if the baby decides to come up.

After a while, our dearest Ediz Hun started to accompany her during the follow up visits, and this made me returned to the years of innocence of the Yesilcam movies and the feelings of intense love.

During the post graduate specialization years, going home and finding out a nice ‘old Turkish movie’ was the best way to cope up with the difficulties of the intense and stressful daily work Schedule. AT the evenings, I used to find one and watch even if I previously seen the movie several times in the past.

‘One and Only Night of My Life’  is one of these telling the hearth-touching story of a couple who are far and away from the most beautiful one in the world. The love of those years was so innocent and simple that even the most complicated ones were very simple. The solutions of the problems were cristal clear and there was no trickery to the audience. The happy ending was almost a rule for all endings. Filiz Akin was surpisingly fair rather than being blondy, and was engegaed with someone else which could not prevent the raising true love. I learned for these movies that the wheel blowout can light the fire of love, that the charming hero saving the beautiful lady from bandits can heal the heart of a lady, and that nothing is more important than ‘Nobody can love you as much as I do’.

These are the most precious ones amongst all I saved, when we see a child we gave birth or not to give birth to, our love, our spouse, our brother, our the house in the street, the animal, the smell of the book we read, the growth effort of those little buds that come out of the aged trunks of the trees  and when we fall and fall, our knees are wound up again and again saying ‘Thank God we love life’.

It is the source of these moments, these artworks produced by the beautiful people of that period.

Then, one day Bengü called the hospital because she had a little pain and I wanted her to come as fast as possible. They came with the dear Ediz Hun, by the island’s sea ambulance. Our precious Ediz Hun was also at the door of the delivery room with haste. Leaving the maternity room, I hugged him with the dignity and joy of and the most handsome actress I know, the hero of my childhood and youth, for knowing him on such a beautiful occasion and to make him a grandfather for the second time.

Everything was like a fancy movie …

Egemen Koyuncu, MD

Gynecology and Obstetric Surgeon