Exercise in Pregnancy

How? When? How long?

Exercise, which should be a part of all our lives, is actually a habit. It is best to adapt any exercise model to our life before pregnancy as we can love it. Exercise, the importance of which is indisputable, helps to control our weight gain during pregnancy and provides absolute support during vaginal delivery. In addition, breathing exercises and proper use of breathing will also contribute to the increase of our body resistance and our effort capacity during physical exercise. It is an absolute fact that self-confidence will increase with the contribution of healthy individuals with regular activities to the aesthetic feeling.

Perhaps, the most certain aspect of this issue is that it never has a standard. Therefore, the first thing to understand about exercise definitely depends on the person’s body, health status, habits in normal life and health status during pregnancy. The whole arrangement should be done by talking to your doctor completely about your activity before pregnancy and the situation during pregnancy.

The most ideal exercise during pregnancy is the easiest to apply and this is walking. If you do not have a problem with vaginal bleeding, miscarriage or preterm birth, etc., you should walk as quickly and as easily as you can tolerate. This duration can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Stability and continuity are more important than time. It is absolutely necessary to continue the walk faithfully, 4-5 days a week. If you have a contraction or pain during walking, you should immediately stop exercising. You can definitely talk to your doctor about your condition if you rest and have trouble.

Swimming is undoubtedly a very good exercise model. However, it may not be appropriate for everyone to swim, and the conditions of infection should also be taken into account. If our conditions are suitable, of course swimming is a model that we can safely use all our muscles and use the relaxing effect of water. Of course, the most suitable is to swim in the sea in natural conditions during the sea season.

The most appropriate way to do breathing exercise is to do pregnancy yoga. It is an exercise model that provides flexibility for both enjoyable and especially vaginal delivery and breath control can be learned. You can get training from a professional for yoga, or you can get help from institutions that give group lessons for yoga during pregnancy. If none are possible, we can use DVDs related to pregnancy yoga. I think that developing the right breathing models is one of the most important improvement tools in the control of stress in the mind in human life. Perhaps pregnancy will bring a favour that reflects on the whole life in this sense.

In the spectrum ranging from professional athletes to pregnant women who have never been involved in the life of the sport, exercise point and the model that we all will start are separate. It is important to choose a model that you will enjoy in accordance with your own situation with your doctor. It should be remembered that exercise significantly reduces the perception of pain during vaginal delivery and breathing exercises are very useful and will contribute to the recovery of our body after birth.