Redefining Health: Functional Medicine Applications

The first thing I want to say is that functional medicine is the expression of preventive medicine and the basis of a holistic view of health and disease. It is not an alternative medicine application, but it refers to holistic medicine applications with its full definition. As a result, it does not remain in the diagnosis of the disease, but goes to the cause, the starting point of the problems. It aims to protect human health as a whole and eliminates the cause while doing the treatment, as well as healthy life. In the meantime, of course, the signs and symptoms of the disease that result in our hands quickly treat the patient’s discomfort. Proper regulation of nutrition to eliminate the causes, protection from the effects of heavy metals, correction of leaky gut and impaired intestinal flora, providing nutritional supports needed for the body to improve inflammation and increasing body resistance, creating personalized exercise models, creating personalized exercise models. As a team of patients and physicians work for many lifestyle changes.

We, as physicians all over the world, focused on the diagnosis of the disease and the understanding of medicine, which mostly goes to the treatment of findings after diagnosis. With drugs and many other treatment methods, we are trying to treat diseases before they can go down to the causes of the diseases. Surgery serves with a completely different interpretation among them, by surgically removing the disease from the region where it exists, or by correcting a damaged area surgically. Acute diseases also require acute solutions and these diseases, whether surgical or not, can be completely resolved with surgery or drug treatments.

The main topic of functional medicine includes chronic diseases, causes and solutions. In the huge ocean, which we call chronic diseases, an unbelievable number of people are searching for their problems and drifting from there. The solutions of the food industry, which tries to catch up with the world population, to increase the production, on the one hand, turn into models that rapidly disregard human health. While the food industry is enriching with great speed, an understanding of nutrition that destroys nature, healthy and natural agriculture, and healthy livestock farming is imposed on humanity day by day. In this understanding, we cannot reach cheap, natural and healthy food, which is the basic right of human beings. Starting from the mother’s womb, all our health is gradually replaced by chronic diseases.

Agricultural practices that are fed with chemical fertilizers of natural nutrition in the world and then continue with uncontrolled pesticides, animals that are fed with GMO and hormonal feeds and grown in short times, are able to be released without antibiotics, and put aside the hybrid seeds and hybrid seeds. The grain and legumes produced with this seed, which has been made even scarier by adding pesticides while hybridizing, has threatened our health over the years.

The digestive function, which starts from the mouth, has functional defects on the side of the esophagus, stomach and small intestines, and the biggest problem here is in the balance of nutrient absorption and toxin excretion. In the small intestine, all barrier mechanisms that will ensure that toxins are excreted through the faeces without being absorbed from the intestine are damaged and toxins pass directly into the blood (leaky gut). Intestinal villi, which are responsible for the absorption of healthy foods, lose their curved structure completely and become straight and healthy food absorption cannot be achieved.

There are two major problems here. First, when healthy nutrient absorption cannot be achieved, enzymatic, hormonal, biochemical and immune systems in the body cannot work properly and healthy. The health of the body is gradually deteriorating and is quickly becoming vulnerable to diseases. The toxins, which are tried to be destroyed with blood cells for a while with the passage of toxins into the blood, begin to be compared to their own cells by the body after a while and the body enters itself into a war. It is at this point that the ground of chronic diseases is formed and inflammations that we define as inflammation in the body occur (autoimmune diseases).

We are now experiencing a food terror that we are not obliged to be allergic to. Gluten in cereals, lectin in dry legumes, lactose and casein in cow’s milk products, refined and processed products, sugar consumption, smoking, believing that it benefits, antibiotics we take even though it is not really threatening our health. Of course, food allergies identified from infancy are another problem, but in fact, exposure to toxins starts in the womb. Each newborn is born with a load of more than 270 chemicals and in fact, the basis of some of the diseases is laid in the womb.

We can say that many chronic diseases, from Hashimoto thyroiditis to insulin resistance, from rheumatoid arthritis to multiple sclerosis, from fibromyalgia to Alzheimer’s, from learning difficulties, hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit to autism.

In my own field, starting from the mother’s womb, to support this struggle in pregnancy, to be able to evaluate some of the problems experienced by adolescents within the framework of this logic, to believe that the success of pregnancy in IVF treatment is affected at every stage and finally to share all my information for women who want to live a healthy life in the menopausal period. I studied medicine. I will be endlessly happy to convey this information to you by working harder and trying to be useful, as in every period of my medical life.

The desire to learn turns the journey itself into an endless paradise, and sharing information is an invaluable happiness.