We want to be both healthy and beautiful for the quality of life and happiness. From this perspective, we want to get rid of the fats that accumulate in our body and are at high risk of impairing both our health and body beauty, in general, our quality of life.


Medicine and technology have developed many methods to solve this problem for many years. Applications such as liposuction, laser lipolysis, vaser lipolysis, radiofrequency over the skin or cannula invasive treatments, ultrasonographic wave therapy are among these. Surgical options provide very successful results in correct and experienced hands with the right patient selection, appropriate operating room conditions. However, an effective method aimed at regional fat melting, cellulite and skin tightening has not been found in surgical or non-invasive options until today.


Physicians, physicists, the medical device industry and engineers have prioritized the following for patients who are not suitable for surgical intervention or who do not want a surgical solution in an innovative perspective:


with minimal intervention, even without interference if possible

without side effects

highest patient satisfaction and

They said a solution with permanent results should be found.

At the current point, cold wave technology has emerged as an option that meets all of these priorities. In this context, ONDA introduced a non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring and degreasing solution with cool microwave (Coolwaves) as a revolutionary new technology. (Coolwaves ™ by DEKA).


ONDA COLD WAVE THERAPY It is a cold wave therapy that targets the shortened connective tissue that causes cellulite between fat cells and fat cells using microwave energy. Microwave energy uses short electromagnetic waves, and energy, which is very frequent vibrations, produces 1000 times more energy than normal radiofrequency devices and reaches the targeted tissue area. While older radiofrequency devices will generate megabyte energy, ONDA will generate gigabyte energy.


Target therapy is shaped under three separate objectives:


1) Removal of regional lubrication


2) Cellulite treatment


3) Skin tightening


It is the only FDA approved device that can be used very effectively for all three purposes, has no known side effects, and provides non-surgical treatment in regional lubrication.


How does it work?

ONDA COOLWAVES; It provides a heat increase of 50-55 degrees in the region in just two minutes with its heads that make the operation comfortable with a cold touch. In this way, the membrane structure of the fat cells is disrupted, and the cells become smaller and smaller. The disrupted cells will go to the circulatory system with macrophages in the blood and from there they will be excreted through the kidneys (physiologically and metabolically). Thanks to the integrated cooling system in the device, the fat cells are removed and the patient’s maximum comfort is provided.


There are walls of connective tissue between fat lobes formed by adipose cells. Due to these walls, the skin region is pulled and creates an orange peel-like appearance. In cellulite treatment, the shortened connective tissue areas between fat cells are broken down by the heat effect in ONDA treatment and the tissue becomes loose. Thus, the skin appearance will be smoothed and it will get rid of the orange peel appearance from the first session.


In skin tightening, the heat effect produced stimulates collagen development and provides treatment of deep and fine lines in the body with collagen stimulation. As age increases, widespread applications are required in skin rejuvenation as the skin tissue worn by sun and environmental effects occupy a widespread area in the body. ONDA offers an effective solution by eliminating the risk of skin burns in professional use in this field.


During regional thinning and cellulite treatment, 80% of energy works by going to the target area and 20% remaining in the skin produces collagen for skin renewal in each session. In this case, whatever the purpose is, our skin tissue will benefit in increasing percentages as the number of sessions increases.


Technologically the device; it recovers the microwave energy it sends to the target tissue and does not reach any other tissue other than the targeted tissue (like muscle and internal organs in deep tissue ..). The risk of heat damage is therefore excluded.


The working principle of the device is determined by two concepts:


1) Electrical conductivity: Being able to transmit the given energy to the lower layers without being absorbed while passing through the tissues.


2) Electrical permeability: Absorption of the given energy by the target without being transmitted to the lower layers.


The relationship between skin and microwave energy is determined by this ratio. Our skin is low permeable and high conductive than microwave energy. In it, the Cold Wave proceeds as it passes through the upper layers of the skin through a transparent area and continues on its way without any loss while passing through these layers.


The relationship between microwaves and fat cells is also determined by these rules. Fat cells are high permeable and low conductive. Fat cells that meet with microwave energy do not transmit energy to the lower layers, trapping it.


Previously, bipolar radiofrequency devices were losing a lot of energy in the upper layers at frequencies that can be measured with megahertz (Mhz). As the old radiofrequency devices went down from the upper layers of the skin, the sessions took an average of 60-75 minutes due to the energy loss they gave, and although the number of sessions was kept high, their effects remained quite light. Unlike previous radiofrequency devices, the target in the energy given in Onda Cold Wave Therapy; they are fat cells, not water cells. ONDA focuses directly on subcutaneous adipose tissue with a 20% loss due to the structure of the epidermis and dermis that contain plenty of water and no oil. This 20% dispersion on the skin surface in Cold Wave Therapy helps to tighten the skin by reducing cellulite in the same session.

ONDA treatment

  •  Treatment is painless and painless
  •  Generates projected energy at Gigabyte levels
  •  It is extremely safe
  •  Does not cause heat burn or other damage on the skin, does not cause redness, irritation and edema.
  •  It is effective in a single session, it makes a observable and measurable difference at the end of the session.
  •  Approximately 10 minutes of application is made in each 15 cm 2 area applied.
  •  You can return to your normal life immediately after the application.
  •  The treatment is not related to the sea and the sun, but it can be applied in all seasons.



How is it applied?

Areas of 15 cm2 are determined in the area to be applied and the effect of the device works with the highest potential in this area for the intended treatment method. How many 15 cm2 area is available in the target area, all will be studied separately. After the application, a hard and long massage is applied in the areas of cellulite and regional thinning, and a lighter massage is applied in the skin tightening. No more than 8 pieces of 15 cm2 area can be studied in one day. If the application area is wide, application can continue from the next day.



How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions in the treatment target; The subcutaneous adipose tissue thickness is related to the severity of the cellulite, the duration of the problem, the severity of the skin relaxation and the level of perfection that the person seeking treatment aims for that region. Very successful results can be obtained in a single session, and 4 sessions of treatment may be required for the same purpose. Sometimes we can plan very successful results by planning fat melting, cellulite treatment or skin tightening sessions in the same area.


If more than one session will be applied, session intervals should be kept between 2-4 weeks. For the next session, it is useful to wait at least 3 weeks if possible.



Which regions can it be applied to?

It can be widely used around the abdomen, waist circumference, back, arms, butt and legs.


It is not directly applied to bone and lymph tissue.



When is the effect understandable?

It is the best part of ONDA application to see the treatment response from the first session. The total effect of a session appears at the end of 3-4 weeks and the shaping continues for up to 6 months.


How long does the effect last?

Post-recovery effects are permanent in the regions where it is applied. Anyone who adopts a healthy lifestyle during and after treatment will be able to maintain a lasting effect. In our clinic, detailed weighing analysis of each patient is made with bioimpedance measurement, each region is also evaluated with environmental measurement and current living conditions, health status, exercise routine and personal details are carefully reviewed. Based on the fact that health and beauty are unified, we give long-term consultation to each patient. In this regard, we try to teach proper nutrition routines with a functional medicine perspective and help our patients adapt to their lives. If you want to apply for regional slimming, cellulite treatment or skin rejuvenation, please get information about the right, healthy and proper nutrition, exercise routines and mindfulness studies with the center you apply.


For healthy and beautiful days…