There are many types of lesions you may notice in your genital area. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that these structures are warts. Please do not panic before evaluating the situation with your doctor. Wart lesions are tiny and cream-brown colored lesions that are often itchy, do not disappear, can spread and grow over time, but they may also remain ungrowing. Women who have previously been diagnosed and treated with genital warts may notice it more easily, but those who have met it for the first time will naturally have difficulty making sure. Please share the matter with your doctor first.

Let’s say you really have been diagnosed with genital warts. PLEASE LEAVE TO WORRY. Turkish public health institution; gives a 80% probability that a woman will encounter a wart virus throughout her life. Our immune system mostly destroys this virus and we don’t even know about it. However, things may not always be in our favor and we may notice that we have warts. In this case, tricoloacetic acid, cryotherapy and electrocautery can be done for the treatment of warts. I can say that my favorite treatment is electrocauterization. This method, which can be used easily without any pain under local anesthesia, also stimulates natural immunity on the skin and reduces the risk of long-term recurrence.

And then? Many women have more or less knowledge of the long-term consequences of the wart virus. But I know that when you happen, you naturally think about the worst case scenario. Please don’t do it, because it doesn’t help the process. The most important approach here is to make DNA typing of the wart virus you have and to give proper consultation by following regular pap smears. About 80 types of wart viruses; genital skin (vulva), vaginal walls, cervix and lip, may cause cancer risk in the intraoral area. Although there are many scenarios that may occur after the wart virus diagnosis and treatment, the scenario can be directed on the good side with the correct follow-up and treatment.

When a risky situation is detected in the genital area and cervix, lesions can be treated before transforming into cancer with appropriate planning, surgical or non-surgical interventions.

The most important step here is to evaluate your lifestyle correctly, review your method of protection, and have regular doctor checks. The only way of transmission of the wart virus is sexual intercourse, where your partner should also be consulted and informed about the subject. In terms of both your sexual health and the emotional correct course of your relationship, please evaluate the matter only with your doctor, together with special conditions. In the internet environment, the information you get from print-visual media or your friends is based on generalizations and will cause unnecessary anxiety.

The approach, which is much easier than disease treatment, is to be protected from the disease. Learning the right approaches for safe sex, avoiding smoking, keeping your immune system strong, and most importantly, getting your vaccine to protect you from warts and genital-oral cancers will ensure your safety from the very beginning. You should share all these details with your doctor and get your vaccine done at the right time. Developed against the DNA virus, sigil viruses, the vaccine is produced with DNA recombinant technology and is very safe.

Remember, you are not alone…

Sincerely …

Egemen Koyuncu, MD

Gynecology and Obstetric Surgeon