We must stay at home, friends …


While staying at home, of course, we should protect our health, but we should also be able to learn about the negative aspects we feel. Covid-19 has stopped our life in many areas, and it should be. We hope that this process will end with health as soon as possible, but none of us know how long it will take. In the meantime, you may naturally have discomfort and discuss the current possibilities and even the measures and treatments we can do from home. We can even ensure that you are examined under safe conditions, if absolutely necessary.


My virtual clinic info@egemen.koyuncu.com and egemen.koyuncu@femmeinstitute.com are actively working. You can write all your questions in the field of IVF, pregnancy and birth, menopause, adolescent gynecology and gynecological diseases in the virtual communication area, which is a platform where you can write for any questions and problems from both e-mail addresses and return to you with medical solution recommendations as soon as possible.


On the other hand, for situations where remote counseling will not be sufficient and require further medical care, examination and examination, you can come with peace of mind by making an appointment from our clinic in Ciftehavuzlar.


Our clinic is cleaned with disinfectants and soaps recommended at least twice a day. All areas such as floors, door handles, tables, coffee tables, reception desk are frequently disinfected. Seats and chairs are necessarily wiped at the end of the day.


Toilets and sinks are disinfected after each use.


We make your appointments at wider intervals and maintain less social time in the waiting room, creating less waiting time. We have reserved both rooms of the clinic outside the waiting room for social distance.


We measure the fever of every guest, and ask questions about your health. We suggest that you do not bring your relatives when you make your appointment, but come alone or with your partner. We ask you not to come to the clinic with your gloves, wash your hands as soon as you enter, and then use disinfectant.


In April, we see patients twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday to protect you and our employees. If necessary in the long term, we will increase this period to 3 days.


As doctors and healthcare professionals, we work with disposable gloves and masks.


As we go through these difficult days, we continue to support you with our knowledge, skill and effort. Of course, our births continue and we travel safely with the hospitals that have taken very good precautions. We hope that we will survive these days together with patience and power together.


Stay at home, stay healthy!


Egemen Koyuncu, MD

Gynecology and Obstetric Surgeon